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Twin sisters, Norah and Yarah, along with younger sister Rosa, share a passion for performing on stage which led to the formation of Let It Happen. They are known for inspiring the young and old generation with their performances.

Twin sisters, Norah and Yarah, along with younger sister Rosa, share a passion for performing on stage which led to the formation of Let It Happen.

During the kick off 2020, the sisters were featured on The Ellen DeGeneres Show (for the second time). The appearance followed another great showing to end 2019, performing alongside Anderson .Paak at his signature .Paak House in the Park event in Los Angeles, CA.

The trio has also shared the stage with Justin Bieber and had their talent recognized by Usher, Common, Taraji P Henson, Janet Jackson, Viola Davis, Jennifer Garner and the aforementioned Ellen DeGeneres, among others. Additionally, their dancing style was featured in Nike’s Launch of the 2019 Air Force One, and during the Jingle Jangle Christmas movie campaign for Netflix.

They have been winners/finalists in dozens of international dance competitions since 2014 and are looking forward to similar opportunities in 2021.

Live on American television

“Bringing love where there is hate, bringing faith where there are doubts and bringing light where there is darkness...”

Early Years and Inspiration

When Norah and Yarah turned 2 they started dancing at home, inspired by the constant

background music provided by their parents, influenced by hits in genres ranging from R&B to hip-hop, funk to African. Their father is from Congo (DRC) and he also grew up dancing this way with his siblings. For them, there was not really an inspiration for dancing – they just liked to dance to the music that they heard at home, and this gave them a lot of joy.
When they turned 6 they joined a local dance school to pursue the art more seriously. The sisters find their inspiration from their home and African culture.
Rosa started serious dancing when she was 9. As a constant companion with her older sisters’ travel, Rosa learned so much just from watching and being around them. She continues to be inspired by her older sisters.


There are a lot of artists and dancers who influenced the young ladies; Janet Jackson, James Brown, Beyoncé, Michael Jackson, Elite force Crew from New York and Don Campbell are who influenced them in their early years.

They made or still make a cultural impact in the world today with their art.

The young ladies hope someday to share the stage with their biggest idol, Beyoncé or Janet Jackson, and to perform at the Essence Festival in New Orleans, Coachella in Indio or/and during the Super Bowl.

“We really believe that by hard working and with the grace of God dreams can come true”.


All three hope to continue their careers in the United States and inspire people by showing them their love & art of dance and music. They also like acting and hope to play in movies too. We don’t have specific goals, but “WE BELIEVE THAT BY HARD WORKING AND WITH THE GRACE OF GOD DREAMS CAN COME TRUE, that’s why we Let It Happen”.

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